Insightful & Inspiring Readings


Hello, dear One! My passion, craft and service is insightful, actionable, inspiring, oracle and tarot card readings.

I celebrate your uniqueness and feel truly honored to share your sacred journey through shadow and sunlight to ever evolving, wise, conscious, passionate living.

My intention in reading your cards is to offer you a place to start, to gently look at where you may be stuck, to bring your awareness to where you might shift your perception and see more options for your greater joy and more promising future.

Your life is precious!


“Hi Gwen, Thank you so much for my reading.  I have to admit it was very accurate.  I can accept all that you said and take it on board.   I have been experiencing severe nausea …and I know it is one of the ascension symptoms that many are experiencing at the present moment.  The day you did my reading it was at the worst and YOU EXPERIENCED MY DISCOMFORT FROM ACROSS THE OCEAN!  Which was amazing!  Thank you once again and I will be in touch.

Jacquie Malone,
Bournemouth, England

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