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Luminous Path Divination website is almost ready to launch!  I’m very excited!!!

I see now that this journey started many years ago.

I’ve always enjoyed poking around at garage sales.  I could have barely been in my twenties when at a garage sale a woman picked up a deck of cards, got a very queer look on her face, said “These are of the devil” and dropped the cards as if they were on fire.

I’ve never forgotten the look on her face, the swift change in her energy, and my puzzlement over her reaction.

Perhaps 20 years and many adventures later I signed up for a retreat in Hamilton.  Now, I was just looking for some peace and quiet mind you.

But Spirit had led me to a retreat where the presenters were James Wells, a very well respected member of the tarot tribe,  Joanna Powel Colbert,,  whose beautiful Gaian Tarot had recently launched, and Andrea Mathieson of Raven Essences.

Also in attendance were Marilyn Shannon who now has her own TV show, the Psychic Roundtable.  Tracie Nichols was my room mate.  She beautifully scented our room with her essential oils.

There, for the first time I really “met” a tarot card in the sense that I felt I was entering into the scene of the card.

It was Bindweed from Joanna’s deck.  The image made me weep.

It was also the first time I really “met” a tree.  The  retreat property was set alongside a beautiful forested ravine.  One of the exercises was to go out, choose a tree, and sit in silence with it for half an hour.

After happily climbing about in the ravine I found my tree, or it found me.  After half an hour of sitting with that very old tree I could not speak.  I did not want to speak.

I can still feel the energy of it, infused in my cells, deep deep energy, slow moving, ancient and  utterly holy.

My interest in oracle and tarot cards increased.  I was fascinated by the often very beautiful artwork.  I had periods where I’d draw several cards a day and journal.  Then there would be a dry spell, weeks, maybe months where the cards sat unused.

Sometimes, I would let all of them go, give them to someone, sell them.  Start all over again the next time I felt called to oracle or tarot cards.

I began attending a church.  I liked the people.  I loved the music and singing.  I decided to join the church.

That was not to be, as one of the elders, who was my friend on Facebook noticed I would post about tarot cards.  I had friends who were tarot readers.

This elder called me to her home where she prayed frantically over me.  She actually scared me she was so distraught!  She told me that I would be shunned if other members of the congregation found out I was into tarot cards.  She advised me not to be friends with anyone who used Tarot.

I am trying to find the words to describe how all of that felt.

Basically, it felt WRONG!  I had flashbacks to witch-hunts and the Inquisition.  Soon after I left that village.

I also lost quite a bit of enthusiasm for oracle and tarot cards.

Then, I met the psychotherapist who help me reset my life.  I’m not talking about the shock surrounding the elder and tarot cards.  I’m talking abandonment, abuse, all sorts of shadow work.

Most times when I went for a session she would have a deck of angel cards ready and encourage me to choose a card.  We would read the message together and use the gentle message as a focus for therapy.

My interest in oracle and tarot cards picked up again.  I’ve “interviewed” dozens of decks over the last year.  Many just don’t suit me.  But those that do, feel like good, wise friends.

I began posting on Facebook once again, about my interest in reading cards and wouldn’t you know it a neighbor came to me, pointed his finger toward the sky and said “You doing cards?  God doesn’t like it.”  Another friend wept in despair for my soul.

So, finally I have arrived at a point in my life where I can say “I am a deeply spiritual woman.    I do not align myself with any organized religion.  My path is mine to choose.”

I am committed to being the very best oracle and tarot card reader I can be and I believe in my heart that this is my Service and my Soul Work.















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