About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Luminous Path Divination’s website.  My name is Gwen Devitt.  I am an intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader.

I was born near what many call the eighth wonder of the world, Niagara Falls.  I have a strong affinity with rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and oceans.  Walking barefoot along a beach, sitting by running water just listening, photographing the beauty of sunlight dancing on water gives me great pleasure.

My present home is surrounded by forest and hills, very close to a river, a short walk through a forest to the lake.  Deer stroll by and foxes parade their kits.   This is an environment that nourishes my soul.  I love creating a colorful little garden and enjoy the sight of  bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that add to the beauty.

Animals have always been a welcome addition to my home, many of them were rescues.  Currently Howie, a Havanense dog,  is the only furry inhabitant but he does have four legged friends come for a visit from time to time.

I’ve lived a rather nomadic life, moving often,  and always eager to explore my new surroundings.

As a teenager I became interested in nutrition, meditation and yoga. As an adult I learned some Shamanic studies, Therapeutic Touch ,Reflexology,  Acupressure Massage, Educational Kinesiology,  reading of Akashic records, and Usui and Karuna Reiki master.

I am very sensitive to the energy of situations, places and people.  My intention is keeping my own energy field free of pollution and maintaining a high vibration.

A decade ago I developed a fascination with oracle and tarot cards.  The amazingly evocative  art work intrigued me.  At some point I realized that cards opened up to me and I felt I was part of the scene that had come alive for me, that I could feel, smell, and hear a bigger story.  That led me to study the symbols and meanings of the cards and at present I spend hours every day related to oracle and tarot card study.

My reading style is an alchemic mix of intuition, life experience,  analysis of the symbols, and colors on the cards and how they relate to the cards near them.

I felt urged by Spirit to read cards for others as a means of offering service, of sharing my gifts with those who would benefit.  I choose oracle and tarot decks that offer diversity of age, gender, appearance and ability.

My intention, for the seekers that have a karmic date with me,   is presenting a reading that is highly accurate and actionable.  An inspired  reading that will give insight into life’s challenges and obstacles,  possibilities for  shifting perspective and options for change.

I deliver readings with kindness, compassion, empathy, nurturing, humor and non judgment.  I deeply desire that my seekers  feel seen, listened to, loved and supported , that the wisdom gathered from their reading contributes to their highest good and greatest joy.

The seeker receives an email with a photo of  their spread attached and a written report of their reading.  In addition I prepare a video which will allow a closer look at the cards and a  more intimate delivery of the reading.

As I began creating videos of the readings  I realized that healing energy activates in me while I am making the videos.   It is similar to attuning oneself to Reiki energy.  I feel healing energy pouring into me and through me when I make the videos where I speak about the reading and show the cards used.

I have a sense that much of what I’ve spend my life learning is now available as a synthesis that works beautifully when I read the cards for the lovely people that come to me.

I am a member of the American Tarot Association. I received my Reiki training from the International Center for Reiki training.

May Luminous Love surround you.

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