“Hello, wonderful Gwen, what a fantastic reading.  So accurate as to what I am going through now and my past issues.  And the future is full of hope.  I love the decks that you chose.  The artwork is incredible.  Thank you for the detailed email message and the awesome video.  This reading is super accurate.”

Monica Piotrowski
South Glengarry, Ontario



“Hi Gwen, Thank you so much for my reading.  I have to admit it was very accurate.  I can accept all that you said and take it on board.   I have been experiencing severe nausea …and I know it is one of the ascension symptoms that many are experiencing at the present moment.  The day you did my reading it was at the worst and YOU EXPERIENCED MY DISCOMFORT FROM ACROSS THE OCEAN!  Which was amazing!  Thank you once again and I will be in touch.

Jacquie Malone,
Bournemouth, England


“Thank you, Gwen, for the reading with the Healers of the Earth Oracle cards.   The cards you chose were all so relevant for what is going on in my life right now and you read them with such grace and ease offering me advice and guidance about things I know I need to be  doing more of.  It’s apparent how adept you are at doing these readings.”

Julie Tierney
Ottawa, Ontario


“Gwen, wow!  Could that have been a more appropriate and perfect reading for somebody in my situation?  I was  so thrilled to get the cards that I got and they are all just so appropriate.  I really needed this right now, more than you can imagine.  I’m glad you picked the extra card because, of course, the Earth card so spoke to me.  Every card did, especially the shadow card.

You have a very nurturing spirit and kindness and compassion are very present in your energy.  Thank you so much!  Big hug!”

Neile Stallings
Kansas, US


“Love, love this reading!  You are an angel!  Hugs to you!

Lissa Joannis
Cornwall, Ontario


“Thank you, Gwen!”  This reading holds true to what I’ve been going through.  Processing emotions such as anger surrounding old situations.  I’ve been working on releasing these emotions and they seemed to be stuck.  I’m also moving to an older house that needs renovations , so bang on with that feng shui card!  And I have ventured into a new business venture as suggested by another card which mentioned team work.  Thank you so much for the reading!”

Michelle Gauthier,
Cornwall, Ontario

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