Your Life Path Number and Decisive Age

From your date of birth I can derive which one of nine Life Paths represent your primary life purpose and highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Included are the deep-rooted characteristics of your life path.

This technique is a derivative of Pythagorean Numerology.  Your date of birth can also be used to determine your Decisive Age.


Your Decisive Age

Your Decisive Age is the age at which you were offered two different destinies and the  choices you made, or will make, if your Decisive Age has not yet come to pass.

You will receive an email of approximately one page.

This technique is outlined in Benebell Wen’s fantastic book Holistic Tarot, An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth.

The thought is that knowledge of your character traits, which may not be obvious to you, can help you develop or modify those traits and may assist the  reader to hone in on a reading.


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Reiki Infusion of Your Reading

You have an option of having your oracle card reading infused with Reiki energy from the moment I begin shuffling the cards till I have completed the video preparation and sent you the link.  Reiki energy can gently and powerfully go where it is needed in your life.


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